Jedi A-Holes and Jedi A-Holes Strike Back

A Jedi with a lightsaber on the beach

Wow, this guy just reeks of douchebaggery

I hate assholes. I really do. But sometimes you just can’t avoid them. It’s like you’re being drawn to them. Like it’s your destiny…

Meet the Jedi A-Holes. Yes, they are complete douchebags, but it is quite funny. You will watch these videos [Jedi hand wave]…

So what’d you think? Pretty good? Not good enough? Well then check out their sequel, which is even better…

I think the lesson here is “With great power comes great responsibility.” Wait… Wrong movie franchise. Sorry. “Do or do not, there is no try?” No, that one just doesn’t make sense here. I think I’ll just go with the PBAL motto of “Lightsabers make everything more awesome.” Even A-Holes.

These impressively well-done videos were made by freddiew, who also did the First Person Mario video that we posted a few months ago.

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