Incredible Art With Salt

A portrait of Harry Potter created by using salt artwork.

Yes, that is Harry Potter. Yes, he is being drawn with salt.

First and foremost, this is some really unique art.  Not to mention it’s exceptionally good art.

And on top of that, these creations are all related to the things that we love here at Pierced By A Lance.  Star Wars?  Check.  Video games?  Yup.  Batman?  Why so serious?  Pokemon?  I choose you.  Harry Potter? Accio salt art! Transformers?  Autobots assemble!  There’s even a piece for us tech geeks.

Check out this quick video of Pikachu, and keep in mind that this is one of his simpler pieces.  I bet after watching this one you’ll want to see the rest.

Incredible, right?  Read on to see some even more intricate pieces of art made with salt…

Here’s a portrait of Darth Vader.  Maybe it’s not perfect, but I’m willing to bet that it’s the best portrait of Darth Vader made with salt that you’ve ever seen.

Not impressed?  Well how about this one of Link from the Zelda video game series?  Holy crap, look at the detail in this thing!

And for you Batman fans out there (Ahem! Pierce…), you’ll love this one:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did with the extra detail at the end.  Wow.

Harry Potter may have come to an end, but The Boy Who Lived remains in our thoughts and in our hearts, and in this artists’ work…

The new Transformers movies may not be the greatest things to hit the theaters recently, but the series itself is still undeniably awesome.  I mean, we grew up with Optimus Prime.  So let’s not remember him as a Michael Bay casualty.  Instead, let’s think of him as a crazy salt-creation…

And finally, if you don’t care for portraits, here’s one for the Mac fanboys. Just remember, with all of the iPhone 5 rumors out there, take them with a grain of salt. (Oh man, did I really just ruin an epic post with a terrible pun? Wow…)

I wish we could have seen the creation of the actual iPhone with the icons, but it’s still pretty awesome to see the finished product.

Make sure to check out more of these incredible pieces of art on Bashir Sultani’s YouTube Channel.

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