Darth Vader And Son Children’s Book

Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown children's book cover

If Luke's ice cream cone is blue, I think Darth Vader's should be red. Just sayin'.

So um… before I get into this… if you haven’t seen Star Wars yet, get the fuck off of my website MAJOR SPOILER WARNING.


As we all know by now, Darth Vader is the father of Luke (and Leia) Skywalker.  They never met before, well, they tried to kill each other, but what if they were never separated?  What if Vader had known about his two children and decided to be a father?  It would have been so cute to watch Darth Vader and little Luke Skywalker playing ball together…

Well wonder no more, for there is a book that illustrates just that.  Take a look at Darth Vader And Son, a children’s book by Jeffrey Brown…

Here are a couple sample pages from the book:

Darth Vader and Son go toy shopping

Smart kid...

Darth Vader giving a piggy back ride to his son Luke Skywalker

Read this in the Vader voice and try not to laugh.

They even made a trailer:

Thanks to Amy Ratcliffe over at Nerd Approved for sharing.

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