Awesome Advert: The Man Who Walked Around the World with Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle in the Johnny Walker advertisement The Man Who Walked Around the World

He's really excited to tell you a story.

There are times when you can see true storytelling being presented in advertisements. These are more than just advertisements for a product. They are stories filled with emotions and characters, which are conveyed in such a short time that it is to be admired. For that reason I decided to create a series to post these adverts when I discover them.

Now this advert is an actual story.  It stars Robert Carlyle as he gives a history of the Johnny Walker brand.  That sounds like it could be boring, but like David Fincher’s Fate and Robert Rodriguez’s Black Mamba, there is sheer virtuoso technique on display.  It isn’t flashy.  Instead it is supremely difficult to orchestrate.  The entire advert, which runs close to six minutes, is one long, uninterrupted shot.

Were that not impressive enough, the monologue that Carlyle gives is timed to match up with props and sets he finds as he walks through this shot.  It doesn’t hurt that, like Willem Dafoe, Robert Carlyle is always interesting to watch.

So check it out.

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