American Ninja Warrior… With Cats

American Ninja Warrior With Kittens on G4's Attack Of The Show

These ninjas must have cat-like reflexes...

Last night I had the pleasure of watching American Ninja Warrior, which was miraculously being broadcast on NBC.  I haven’t been able to watch any version of Ninja Warrior since I moved back to California since DirecTV doesn’t carry G4.  Boo DirecTV!

If you’re not familiar with Sasuke Ninja Warrior, it’s a TV show in which 100 competitors attempt to make it through four stages of an extremely tough obstacle course.  Thousands have tried, and only three men have ever gotten to the top of Mt. Midoriyama to claim the title of Ninja Warrior.

Contestant Claw Hammer on American Kitten Warrior on G4

Claw Hammer has trained his entire 8-week life for this attempt to become an American Kitten Warrior. ...No, not really.

G4, being the best TV channel ever (ahem! DirecTV…), decided to mix this awesome show with an awesome internet meme… cats!  Are you ready for the most entertaining 6 minutes of your day?  Take a look…

First, you should familiarize yourself with Ninja Warrior.  The real one.  This video is just the first two stages.  Imagine what getting through these and thinking, “I’m only halfway done?!”

Crazy, right?  And those are the EASIEST two stages. 3 and 4 only get harder.

Now let’s throw in some cute kittens in the mix and see what we get.

Ninja Warrior and kittens?  It’s a good day.

Thank you G4TV for being awesome.

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