A Year In Review: Lance’s 10 Favorite Posts From PBAL’s First Year

A birthday cake for a one-year old child

We gather here today to celebrate the one year anniversary of PBAL!

It’s hard to believe, but today marks the one-year anniversary of our beloved website.  Happy birthday PBAL!

Of course there were long days and long nights of preparation that went on before the official launch of Pierced By A Lance, but the website was revealed to the world one year ago today.  Since then, it has become a part of our everyday lives and it feels as though we’ve been dong this for much longer than just a year.  In that time we have written over 700 posts, sticking to a firm schedule of two posts every day.

In honor of our website’s anniversary, I have taken a look back upon all of our posts from the past year and chosen my Top 10 favorite posts.  Let’s begin…

A thumbnail of a text message Diglett10. A Wild iPhone 4S Appeared! Lance Threw A Master Ball!

It’s interesting to see how our posts have evolved in just one short year.  Pierced By A Lance was based off of the conversations that Pierce and I had on iChat.  In my first post on this list, we see a conversation between the two of us, but it’s on iPhones.  Although the medium had changed, the effect was the same.  Also of note is the Pokemon theme of the post, something that has become quite prominent in PBAL culture.


Thumbnail of Steven Sharp Nelson playing cello with a lightsaber9. Cello Wars Lightsaber Duel

“Does it have lightsabers?  Check.  Does it have The Force?  Check.”  Therefore, it is awesome!  Even without using Pierce’s logic of why Star Wars is always awesome, this video just embodies so much of what we love here at PBAL.  1) Star Wars.  Duh.  2) Great video editing.  3) Music.  Take into consideration its comedic value and you have a winner in our books.


8. Happy Birthday @PierceOToole

We love cake.  Plain and simple.  Movie themed cakes, video game themed cakes, they’re all delicious.  But what I really love about this post is the thought that went into it.  You see, I was in quite a predicament.  It was the eve of Pierce’s birthday and I wanted to be the first to wish him a Happy Birthday at midnight, but I was dead tired.  How was I going to manage that if I was asleep?  Well.  I knew Pierce gets push notifications on his phone when he is tweeted at.  I also knew our website automatically tweets out our posts when we publish them.  And we can schedule posts to publish whenever we want.  Do you see what happened now?  I scheduled this post before going to bed so that it would publish at midnight.  Upon publishing, our Twitter account automatically tweeted out the title, which included “@PierceOToole.”  That tweet was pushed to Pierce’s phone, and Pierce was able to see “Happy Birthday @PierceOToole” at midnight.  This is where I take a bow.


Thumbnail of Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler from the film Downfall surrounded by his advisors7.  Hitler Rants About Carmaggedon

Pierced By A Lance has become more and more about internet culture.  We seem to live and breathe memes.  Like, if we didn’t have any memes, we wouldn’t want to live on this planet anymore.  Instead, we want ALL the memes!   And one such meme is the Hitler Rant, in which someone redoes the subtitles of the scene from Downfall.  This one was particularly hilarious, and the topic was one that directly (should have) affected us (had it actually been an issue.  Which it wasn’t.  Fail).


A thumbnail of a ninja hockey player eating bacon6.  Ninja Hockey Players Eating Bacon

This post was our first real response to a user complaint.  When we first started our website, we thought we might have much more hate mail from readers who found our humor to be distasteful.  It has been quiet (…too quiet) in our comments sections, but we were actually looking forward to sparring with our critics.  Anyways, here is Take 1 of our response to our readers’ comments, which just so happened to be from our friend Alex.


Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg thumbnail5.  Pierce Meets Sean Parker: The Beginning Of The End

The Social Network was a very influential film for both of us in regards to starting PBAL.  We always felt like Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin (but never agreed upon who was who), and there was always the dread that one day Sean Parker would come into the mix and tear things apart.  Here was a conversation that took place in regards to just that.  What’s funny about this one being on my Top 10 list is this is the conversation that almost ended PBAL.  Almost.


4.  Lance’s Love/Hate Relationship With Canada

Of course this one had to be on the list…it’s our most popular post of all time.   And while that may or may not have been due to some unknown search engine magic, it is nevertheless one of my favorite conversation posts.  That kitty gets me every time, and Pierce’s response is priceless.


3.  Baby Monkey: Quite Possibly The Cure To Depression
1 second.  That’s all you need.  Just the “Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo” and you know the Baby Monkey song is starting and you’re instantly happy.  The monkey is adorable, and the song is so bright and catchy.  Pure happiness.  Pierced By A Lance wasn’t meant to be a website for cute animals, but we have since embraced the trend as this was the predecessor of my TGIF posts.


Barcode scanners abducted Lance while he was shooting a demo video2.  When The Machines Abducted Lance
This has to be the second-funniest conversation that we’ve ever had for PBAL.  It was a good thing I was working alone when it happened, because I couldn’t stop laughing.  It’s spontaneous conversations like this that make for the funniest conversations and posts for Pierced By A Lance.  Conversations like these don’t happen very often anymore, but I have hope that one day we’ll get a bunch of these going on iChat again.  Throwing in the extra bit with the video chat added to the hilarity here.  Still, it didn’t come close to…


Featured Image for the Pierced By A Lance LOLcat war1.  The Great LOLcat War
The conversation that started it all still reigns supreme as my favorite post of all time.  OF ALL TIME!  This lengthy battle of LOLcats and miscellaneous images raged for hours, with tides turning to favor Pierce, and then me, and then Pierce again, and so on.  When would it end?  We did not know.  Who would emerge victorious?  That, my friend, is up to you.



So there you have it.  My 10 favorite posts from our first year of Pierced By A Lance.  Which is your favorite?  Did I miss any?

Thank you all for reading today, and for your continued support of PBAL.  Whether you’re a new reader just stopping by or a longtime follower from the beginning, you guys are amazing.

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