A Stop Motion Video That Combines Two Of My Favorite Things

Screenshot from a the Star Wars stop motion video "Final Countdown... To Hockey"

"Tell Vader he's gonna get it. You better tell him. You're gonna get it too!"

10 points if you know the reference in the quote from the caption above (answer listed below [points not valid after looking at the answer]).

Well, as you can see from the picture, the video involves Star Wars action figures.  That’s good enough to get me to watch.  And it should be good enough to get you to watch too.  What’s the other thing that I love that’s in the video?  Who cares?  It has Star Wars!  Watch and you’ll find out!

Yup.  Star Wars and hockey.  Two things I love.  Two thumbs up.  And one thing I hate… spiders.  Giant fucking spiders.  One thumb down.  But it features “The Final Countdown,” so back to two thumbs up.  And bonus points for it looking like it was made in the 80′s, so… three thumbs up?

I would pay to watch astromech droid hockey.  Maybe not as much as I’d pay to watch podracing, but it’s still pretty awesome.  However, the video got it wrong.  R2D2 would not lose.  R2D2 does not lose.  Because R2D2 is the best.

Oh, and for those wondering, here is the reference from the caption. Good ol’ Corey Perry from the Anaheim Ducks.

Thanks to Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy blog for sharing.

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