A Delightful, Delicious, Disgusting Star Wars Wampa Cake

Yesterday I shared with you the cutest little Wampa costume-wearing puppy you’ll ever see.  Today I’m going in a bit of a different direction.

Obviously we here at PBAL love Star Wars.  We also love art.  And we also love cake.  So when you throw it all together, you get a whole bunch of awesome.

With that, I present to you the incredible Wampa cave scene from the frozen planet of Hoth… in delicious cake form:

MMM! Deliciously appetizing! Maybe... Definitely cool, nonetheless...

Awesome, right?  Read on for more pictures with more gory details…

All of the characters in this awesome cake were made out of fondant, food coloring, and leetsauce.

A dead tauntaun made out of fondant for a Star Wars cake

Poor tauntaun.

If you look at the first picture of the full cake, you’ll notice that the tauntaun only has one leg.  Why is that?

Oh, right.  It’s because the wampa is friggin’ eating the other leg.  Yummy!

A fondant wampa eating a bloody tauntaun leg

The national food of Hoth: Tauntaun Leg

Want to know more about the cake tauntaun’s anatomy?  Its guts are made out of glass noodles, strawberry jam, and food coloring.

Red noodles in a bowl

You know, out of context, they look quite delightful!

And where is the tauntaun’s rider, in all of this?  Did he escape an untimely death?  Was he the gruesome appetizer?

No dummy!  Did you not watch the movie?  (If so, get out.  GET OUT!)  He’s hanging from the top of the cave, stuck in ice!  And this awesome cake artist didn’t leave out that most important detail:

Luke Skywalker hanging from the wampa's ice cave on Hoth, made out of fondant for a Star Wars cake.

Fondant Luke looks like a delicious treat. For me. Not the wampa.

We raise our glass to this awesome cake artist who made this cake for her son’s 8th birthday.  Make sure to check out her full account of her Star Wars baking experience here, as well as the rest of her website at BarefootKitchenWitch.com.

Thanks to ThatsNerdalicious.com for sharing the story.

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