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WTF Wednesday: Star Wars/Star Trek Dog Costume Contest

Some people cosplay or walk the runway to display new fashions. I guess some dogs do as well.

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Patton Oswalt Finds the First First Commenter

Know that really annoying comment at the top of forums or YouTube videos that just reads, “First”? So who was the first douchebag that started doing this? This guy.

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ThinkGeek’s Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass

Know what is the perfect thing to hang on your wall? How about an Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass? Yeah, I thought so. Check it out.

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2012 NHL Playoffs: Pierce’s Conference Finals Predictions

It’s time for the two best teams in both conferences to face off to see who gets to go to 2012 Stanley Cup Finals. There is bound to drama, and this is how I think it will go down.

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Supercut Saturday: Mirror Scare

This is one of the classic scares used in movies. But, as this supercut shows, it may be overused and time to find a new way to cause a jump out of the audience.

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‘Disassembled’ by Junaid Chundrigar – An Awesome Avengers Animation

Avengers assemble. But not always. Sometimes they are dealing with their own problems. This short animation deals with that idea.

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‘The Idle Quest’ Episode 4: “A Night Out”

The second to last episode of the first season of The Idle Quest, in which a great deal of conflict occurs and Max is left putting his foot in his mouth again and again.

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Tenacious D’s “To Be The Best” Video is Filled with Awesome Cameos

Tenacious D returns with a new album and a video with a ridiculous amount of impressive cameos.

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‘The Chris Matthews Show’ Casts Obama in ‘Mad Men’

What if Mad Men was about the Obama presidency instead of the ad men in Manhattan? This video shows that it would still be pretty great.

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‘Chasing Trinity Part 2: Biggest Car Chase Ever’ Totally Lives Up to its Title

What’s better than a great car chase? ALL the car chases! Check out this amazing video to see just that.

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