Welcome to PiercedByALance.com, a website chronicling the crazy minds of Pierce and Lance.  What’s there to do here?

Follow our personal conversations that we have in our everyday lives.  Bored at work?  We make sure that we’re not!  Thanks to iChat, we keep each other occupied with news, jokes, and LOLcats.  You can haz cheeseburger.

Want to see something cool?  Our Awesome section highlights the greatest things we find on the internet.

Both of us are hockey fans.  Keep up with the hockey world, including the NHL, fantasy hockey, and our own hockey careers.

Pierce is all about movies.  Writer.  Director.  Critic.  Keep up with Hollywood in our Movies section, and don’t forget to check out Pierce’s other website PierceOnMovies.blogspot.com for a full-blown movie blog.

What’s on our iPods?  Check out our Music section to find out what we’re listening to.

We’re both nerds.  Technology makes us drool.  Our technology section showcases the latest and greatest gadgets that we find.

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